Sunday, February 14, 2016

SC GOP post debate takeaways

Louisville, KY -  Anyone who watched this so called debate should ask for compensation for wasting their time. I would have expected more from kindergartner's at recess. It was pathetic at best but there were clear signs of desperation from a few candidates mainly Bush, Cruz, and Rubio. For anyone who thinks Trump lost they better think twice....

Saturday, February 6, 2016

U of L President Ramsey should be investigated and fired

Louisville, KY - It is far past time that U of L President James Ramsey leaves, voluntarily or involuntarily. He has been a mess for Kentucky since he first started working years ago. In Kentucky, as long as you are a good little Democrat, you get rewarded regardless of who you harm in the process. We are way too familiar with that game and it is time we end it. 

Why would I say all that anyway, right?

Monday, November 23, 2015

War Thunder P47D, 12 Kills with no losses

Try out War Thunder:

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UAW/Ford Contract vote should be thrown out - Since our stories last week regarding the UAW Ford contract vote came out, we have been swamped with more and more disturbing information being brought to us. It has become clear that this vote can, and should be, called into question by the NLRB, and thrown out. RICO, racketeering federal lawsuits, should pile up quickly against the UAW and Ford itself.

UAW members if you need help with any of this feel free to contact me here.

Friday, November 20, 2015

FORD/UAW in Dearborn violating law to pass contract? - Disturbing reports out of  Dearborn, Michigan today folks. According to sources at UAW local 600 in Dearborn, union reps have been ordered to take ballots for the contract vote directly to line employees, and force them to vote on the contract. If proven true, this is illegal, unethical, and prison time should be a direct result for anyone involved including UAW leadership, perhaps including Executive Vice President Jimmy Settles himself.